Switch to ACCESSbank

Switching is as Easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1: Open Your New Accounts

Click on the "New Account Application" button below to start the process of opening your new account. Once you submit the application, our team will help you decide which account fits you best.

New Account Application

Step 2: Transfer All Your Automatic Transactions and Bill Payments
Once you provide us with your current bank statement, we will help you determine the automatic payments and deposits that need to be transferred to your ACCESSbank account. Then our team will work with you to get everything transferred. 

As part of the account opening process, we will transfer all of your Bill Pay information. Simply provide us with a print out of your Bill Pay merchants.

Step 3: Close Your Old Account

Welcome to ACCESSbank! Now sit back, relax and enjoy your new banking relationship. Our team is excited to provide you with exceptional customer service and help you get the most for your money.