We Bring the Bank to You!

Why go to the bank when you can deposit your checks from the convenience of your office? DEPOSITbeam® allows you to scan checks directly from your computer and deposit them electronically to your account over a secured Internet connection. 

How You Benefit:

  • Multiple Business Locations: Enables you to consolidate multiple deposits received at different locations into your account.
  • Later Deposit Times: No more frantic trips to the bank to make the 2:00 p.m. CST cut off. All deposits made before 6:00 p.m. CST will be credited the next business day.
  • Save time and money: Instead of wasting time driving to the bank, DEPOSITbeam® saves you time and lets you focus on your business.
  • Digitize your data: Images are maintained and stored for easy access by your staff. No more photocopying checks received from customers! Deposit information is available at your fingertips.

Bank From Your Office Chair:

Make deposits from the comfort and safety of your own office with DEPOSITbeam®.
All you do is prepare your deposit, scan the checks using an approved scanner and transmit the deposit using our secure online website.

How Does DEPOSITbeam® work?

  • Prepare your deposit and scan your checks using a check scanner connected to your PC and the Internet.
  • Balance your deposit from the scanned images - the scanner automatically reads and calculates the check amounts.
  • Transmit the deposit to ACCESSbank via our secure Internet connection.
  • ACCESSbank receives the deposit as though you had driven to one of our branches and made your deposit in person.