Home Equity Loans & Lines

Home Equity Loans

Life can throw a lot of unexpected things your way.  Our Home Equity Loans provide you easy access to the equity you've built in your home. Use a Home Equity Loan for the following: 

  • Home improvement projects 
  • Consolidating debt
  • Purchasing household goods 
  • Student education

The interest you pay on this type of loan may be tax deductible (consult your tax advisor). The interest rate on a home equity loan is fixed, eliminating the risk of a changing rate environment. The rate is determined on the amount of available equity in your home as well as the term of the note. Monthly payments can be automatically deducted from your checking account.

Home Equity Line of Credit*

A home equity line of credit gives you flexibility with your current and future borrowing needs. 

  • Use funds as you need them and make interest-only payments on the amount in use
  • Draw funds up to the approved amount at any time

Features and Benefits 

  • Get up to 100% of the available equity in your home
  • NO CLOSING COSTS (excluding appraisal or internal evaluation)
  • Take advantage of low, competitive interest rates
  • Monthly interest payments may be tax deductible (consult your tax advisor)
  • Local, knowledgeable decision makers are here to help you

All loans are subject to credit and underwriting approval. Restrictions and fees may apply.
*Rate can increase after the account is opened. Making interest-only payments will result in a final balloon payment.